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Are You Ready to Make the Jump to 4K?

Relative Home Systems is Certified in Crestron DigitalMedia™

Are You Ready to Make the Jump to 4K?

For quite some time, Crestron has been leading the way in advanced audio visual control, and in particular 4K distribution. This year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was full of 4K Ultra High Definition screens that were brighter, thinner, and better than before. Are you considering a distributed 4K system within your home? The team at Relative Home Systems holds the Crestron DMC-E/4K certification, meaning we’ve got the knowledge, skill set, and experience to design, install, and commission your system. Whether you live in The Woodlands, River Oaks, or Austin, we can formulate a system that will allow you to view 4K in any room of your home.

Do you want the best 4K distribution system? With 4K, there are both benefits and challenges surrounding this latest advance in resolution technology. Since the team at Relative completed the demanding 3-day DigitalMedia™ course, we know how to address these challenges and ensure you get the most out of your 4K distribution system, whether it’s a new install or an upgrade to an existing system.

In addition to working with a DigitalMedia™ Certified Engineer, you need solid 4K sources and displays. But with so many brands and various components to choose from, how do you know which products to trust? Leave it to the experts at Relative Home Systems; we’re qualified to help you choose the right components so that your system operates and performs the way you envisioned it would. Our partner Crestron has engineers who are painstakingly testing products and only certifying those 4K sources and displays that meet their rigorous standards.

We recommend the Crestron DigitalMedia™ switcher, which will allow you to display the latest high-definition and 4K sources all in one platform. You’ll be able to have multiple sources going through the switcher to multiple displays throughout your home.

The digital media world seems to evolve at a rapid pace and that’s why we recommend you work with a Crestron certified engineer to help you design, install and program your system. Are you ready to make the jump to 4K? The team at Relative has the experience and skill set to bring you the best in 4K.