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Augment Your Smart Home with Motorized Window Treatments

Relative Home Systems has the Shading Solution for Your Woodlands, TX Home

Augment Your Smart Home with Motorized Window Treatments

Augmenting your home with smart automation is a great idea. And while many homeowners start off small with security or entertainment needs and scale up, there are plenty of practical and unobtrusive ways to incorporate technology into your home. Motorized window treatments are a pragmatic and functional way to enhance your Woodlands, TX home design and increase your privacy. Simple controls allow you to adjust your shades from anywhere – in or out of the house. Find out how automated shading can complement your spaces.

Enhance Your Spaces

The sun is beautiful. Waking up to a bright, sunny morning is a joy for many. However, too much sun can be damaging and costly to your home. Not only can it add extra wear and tear to your home’s interior design, but the extra heat coming in through the windows could cause you to lower the thermostat –and raise your utility bills. Motorized window treatments give you the freedom to lower the shades simply and quickly, which will preserve the look and feel of your rooms.

Moreover, when you combine your window treatments with automated lighting, you can quickly set the scene for any occasion with the touch of a single button. Whether it’s to watch the NBA Finals with your friends or a romantic evening with your partner, the perfect setting is at your fingertips with integrated automation.

Keep the Sun Out of Your Home Theater

If you’re sitting down to watch a movie in your dedicated home theater, you’ll want to lower the lights and the screen, turn on your surround sound system and begin enjoying your favorite film. What you don’t want is excess light coming in through the windows and bleaching out the image from your 4K projector. Motorized window treatments can easily be integrated into your control device to keep sunlight out of the space.

Increase Your Personal Privacy

Whether you’re in bed taking a mid-afternoon nap or out of the house running errands, you want the outside to remain outside of your home. Increase your privacy with motorized window treatments. Take control of what the world can see and control it from your remote, tablet or smartphone.

But that’s not all automated shading can do. Additional shading can be used as room dividers that only appear when you want them to. That way, you can change the function of a space by making temporary rooms for whatever you might need.

Are you ready to jump into the exciting and functional world of motorized window treatments in your Woodlands, TX home? Contact us to get started on your installation project today.