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The Best Uses for Your Private Home Theater

Check Out Some Unique Ways to Enjoy the Technology in Your Home

The Best Uses for Your Private Home Theater

A common way to decide if a new purchase is a worthy investment is to figure out how often you would use it. We all have that one pair of shoes that hasn’t seen the light of day in years. This can be true of bigger purchases as well, and it often comes up when clients are considering installing a private home theater in their Memorial, TX home. For movie enthusiasts, the decision is a no-brainer. But there are also a lot of others ways you can use your new theater to make it a worthwhile investment.

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Host the Ultimate Movie Marathon

Get all your family and friends together for the ultimate movie marathon. With comfortable seating, immersive audio, dynamic images, and your personal popcorn machine there's no reason to leave the room for hours. With smart control, it's easy to browse through your Kaleidescape media library to find the movie you want to watch. As soon as you hit play, the shades open to reveal your screen and the lights dim in the theater.

Prepare for Some Streaming Binges

Who says theaters are only good for movies? We make sure your private home theater has a reliable Wi-Fi connection so you can stream your favorite TV shows without any fear of freezing or lagging. Crestron DigitalMedia systems are optimized for streaming content whether you're watching on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Video. If you don’t quite like the experience of watching the shows on a screen, you can have a retractable screen with a TV installed behind it.

Keep Up With Your Favorite Sports

Imagine watching JJ Watt barreling down on an opposing QB on a 120” screen, with audio so crisp and powerful it sounds like he’s coming right for you. You can even install a private home theater with multiple screens or a split-screen projector so you can follow multiple games at once. With smart control, it’s easy to adjust the channel or source component, so you don’t end up missing any part of the game.

Create the Ultimate Gaming Den

The big screen experience is also an ideal setup for gamers. Through your home AV system, we make it easy to link up your favorite gaming console to the theater. Get an upper hand on your opponents with a wide screen that gives you a better view of the action and realistic audio that helps you get a better sense of your surroundings. Parents can also control the theater from anywhere in the home to shut off the projector when it’s time for the kids to get to bed.

We can install a custom home theater designed with your family in mind. Contact Relative Home Systems today to set up a consultation!